IPIA’s are internally porous in-organic amendments. These include Zeolites, calcined clay and diatomaceous earth. Most irrigation contractors never think about this. However correcting the soil texture should be part of a holistic approach to water conservation and as important as a smart controller with soil moisture sensor. Clay soils don’t infiltrate at a fast enough rate so run-off occurs. Sandy soils infiltrate too fast so flush-through occurs there.

IPIA’s are a smart solution for soil texture improvement. We are all looking to increase plant available water. IPIA’s are perfect for this as the structure of the IPIA’s have more surface area and inside the particle. This aspect helps to balance air and water in the soil and for continuing release. It can aid in the growth in beneficial microbes. IPIA’s intake water and nutrients and release them back into the root zone over time. Why should we think we have done a complete job in water conservation without addressing the soil texture?

One IPIA stands out above the rest however. These are naturally occurring diatomaceous earth particles or fossilized plankton.

Air increases rootmass and diatomaceous earth creates world-class rootmass.  Diatomaceous earth added to USGA sand at 10% by volume increases rootmass 4 times more than peat moss and sand. Increased rootmass always occurs for all plant species in every application from sports fields to landscapes, rooftops, and planted bioswales. Vigorous root systems help prevent wear in turf areas and promote drought and stress resistance.

   – Dr. Ed McCoy, Ohio State University

US Silica produces AXIS/DE from their location in Nevada. AXIS/DE is 82% porous, absorbs upto 142% its weight in water and releases at more than 92% while calcined clay releases at 4.41%. AXIS/DE has no affinity for sodium. The pour size is perfect for root uptake and this can reduce irrigation events an additional 30% when added to soils at 10% by soil volume. Axis/DE can also be applied by top dressing after aeration to turf grass. AXIS/DE is currently being used on NFL fields sports fields of all types and in the golf industry around the world. Visit our site www.H2oAxis.com for more information and contact.