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“Let Us Help Your Municipal Department, HOA Or Community Meet The Efficiency Standards Of Florida WaterStar and EPA WaterSense: Irrigation Modifications; Auditing Services; Classes; Specialized Training Sessions And All-Inclusive Consulting …”

Rich Miller explains:

“As an installer for both residential and commercial irrigation projects coupled with my supplier role to contractors has enabled me to obtain results in both efficiency and water conservation goals”.

Services include:

Irrigation auditing

Rich Miller Landscape Service cares about water conservation in Florida’s complex situations… (Read more)

Pump Sizing

Pump sizing is critical in the reduction to energy costs…(Read more)

Irrigation System modification

Rich Miller has over 15 years of experience and history of installing and modifying irrigation systems for peak performance… (Read more)


Think beyond the rain switch…(Read more)

Irrigation Performance Testing

Rich Miller Landscape Service Inc. will verify that your irrigation system complies with local codes… (read more)

Living Wall Design and Installation

Rich Miller has been in the green industry both as an all-phase landscape contractor and in landscape distribution.

Factory-trained​ by these companies:

Rain Bird

Here’s a link to a study regarding testing smart irrigation controllers (SIC’s) in homes that shows that they conserve water.

Increases plant available water with AXIS DE an IPIA with low bulk density and high absorption for, Golf, Sports fields, Rooftop/Greenwalls, Bioswales and more? Balance air and water in all soil types.  Ask us about the “Wise” Incentive participation from SWFWMD. Click here for details: www.H2OAxis.com


Expert lighting design to accentuate the architecture, extend your nighttime living space and add safety and security to your home. www.RichMillerLighting.com


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